5 Ways to Network before the Holiday

5 Ways to Network before the Holiday

Need to connect with your network but forgot to snail mail your holiday cards? We have 5 ways to network before the holiday season is over. This time of year, can get overwhelming with Christmas shopping, wrapping up end of year business and dealing with the general holiday traffic.

Sending a note whether it’s an email or e-card is a great way to tell a client how much you appreciate their hard work, reconnect with a former coworker you’ve fallen out of contact with, reaching out to a mentor or sending a note to family members you won’t see over the holidays, this is a good way to make everyone feel like you care.

Send an E-Card

1. Paperlesspost.com – Send an email with a beautiful message from Paperlesspost.com


2. Evite.com – Not only for invites, send an ad free holiday customizable card to your network.


Send an Animated E-Card

3. JibJab.com – If you haven’t seen the commercials you’re missing out. This is a great way to share Holiday cheer.


Old Fashion

4. Send an email. Create a template letter that you can easily customize small pieces of information to each of your recipients. While this is more time consuming, it will go a long way in keeping up your relationship.

5. LinkedIn Message. If you’re looking to connect with someone who you’d like to work with in the future, sending a note via LinkedIn wishing a contact a happy holiday is a great way to be top of mind.


No matter how you connect, this is the perfect time to reconnect with old coworkers, remind connections what your plans are for the future and set yourself up as a friendly face to new connections in the upcoming year. We hope you liked our 5 ways to network before the holiday blog. Let us know if you sent Christmas cards, an e-card, snail mail letters or if you’re going to catch up on New Years, we want to know! 

Hannah Miller