Ag Banking with Tanner Winterhof – AgGrad Live 021

Tanner Winterhof is an agriculture banker, commercial lender, and the Vice President of Commercial Banking at VisionBank of Iowa, a full-service bank serving customers throughout five communities in Iowa. He specializes in helping farmers and ag business owners achieve their financial goals through agriculture loans. His passion for the agriculture industry initially began during childhood due to his father’s farm operation. While attending the AIB College of Business to earn his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Business Administration and Management, he worked as an intern for his father’s lender. Following graduation, he decided to combine his agricultural background, commercial lending experience, and passion for the finance industry to help farmers and ag business owners grow their operations and achieve their financial goals.

Tanner joins me today to explain what ag lending and ag banking is and how it helps farmers grow their operations across the country. He shares how he started working in the agriculture banking industry, the skills necessary to achieve success as an ag lender as well as what it’s like to work as a banker in the agriculture industry. He also explains why honing your communication skills and building relationships are critical to becoming a successful ag lender and how agriculture students can begin their journey into agricultural finance, lending, and banking while attending college.


“The ultimate role of a bank is to invest their money in a successful operation.”  Tanner Winterhof


Today on AgGrad Live:

  • How ag lending helps farmers and ag business owners
  • How he got started in ag banking before completing his college education
  • What is underwriting and how it helps bankers make lending decisions
  • The importance of honing your communication skills as an ag lender
  • Skills necessary to succeed as an ag banker
  • The day-to-day tasks of an ag lender
  • How loan policies impact lending decisions
  • The importance of building relationships with clients
  • The most enjoyable and least desirable aspects of working in ag lending and banking


Tanner WInterhof’s Advice for AgGrads:

  • Brush up on your general agriculture knowledge.
  • Hone your communication skills.
  • Be yourself.


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