AGL 025: Selling Livestock Vitamins with Landon Canterbury

Landon Canterbury is a Key Account Manager for Kemin Industries in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Southwest, Kansas. Kemin Industries and its employees strive to improve the lives of people all over the world.

“We make ingredients that go into feed, food and different health products,” Landon said. “I work on the feed side for Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health. We have a pet food division, human health division and personal care division. We just launched a textile division in Europe. The pet food sector and the animal nutrition and health sectors are definitely the largest within Kemin.”

As a Key Account Manager, Landon is charged with traveling his region to sell Kemin’s products to feed distributors and feed mills. Landon’s job is to sell the molecular pieces that build different feeds to the distributors who then make the feed for the final producer. In addition, Landon visits with key decision makers in the agriculture industry, like veterinarians or nutritional consultants for feed yards and dairies, to share the benefits of Kemin’s products.

“The primary purchaser would be the feed manufacturer,” Landon said. “But then my customers are the producers. While I might not see the invoice to our producers from the manufacturers, they are definitely my customers and their interests are in the back of my mind all the time.”

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