Agricultural Attorney Joel McKie – AgGrad Live Podcast 009

Joel McKie is an agricultural and energy attorney with Hall Booth Smith, PC., a full-service law firm with a wide range of practice areas including litigation and dispute resolutions, property rights claims, and government and regulatory affairs. He currently serves as the President of the University of Georgia College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Alumni Association and was appointed twice by former Governor Sonny Perdue to the Agricultural Education Advisory Commissions

Joel joins me today to share what it’s like to work as an agricultural attorney. He shares some of the core issues he helps farmers and agriculture professionals resolve, examples of the types of clients he works with, and what inspired him to become an attorney in the agricultural space.


“You can use a law degree to really do good.” – Joel McKie


Today on AgGrad Live:

  • What it’s like to be an attorney in the agricultural space.
  • How growing up on a farm helped mold his work ethic.
  • The skill sets you need to be a successful agricultural attorney.
  • The most memorable and rewarding case he has handled.
  • Trials and tribulations he has faced throughout his career.
  • Finding a work-life balance in a demanding law career.
  • Types of cases he enjoys the most.




Joel McKie’s Advice for Future Agriculture Attorneys:

  1. Find time to do prep courses and studying.
  2. Your undergraduate GPA is like a measuring stick for getting into law school.
  3. Your work experience gives you exposure and allows you to build a good reputation for Letters of References as well as the application process.



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