Balancing Relationships & Dual Careers


“Lucky”, “fortunate” and “blessed” are three words that Brandon and Kaitlyn Boerner use to describe their life in the past year. It hasn’t always been easy for the newlyweds, as they struggled to maintain dual careers they are passionate about and a strong relationship. 

Balancing a relationship where both individuals have careers can be challenging, but it is also rewarding when you do it right. The Boerner’s are here to share some of those successes with those new to the workforce, working to share their struggles and advice to make the best of balancing a relationship and dual careers.

Brandon always knew that he wanted to be involved in agriculture, it was a passion that he had known his whole life growing up on the family farm. When he first met Kaitlyn, she had one year of undergrad left, which allowed him an opportunity to work on the family farm before she was accepted into veterinary school in College Station, Texas. 

Married in March of 2018, Kaitlyn graduated from veterinary school in May of 2018 and started her career path as a small animal veterinarian shortly afterwards. Throughout Kaitlyn’s time as a veterinary student, Brandon capitalized on an opportunity to be employed at college station for the poultry industry – this provided for the two to be in the same location. Coincidentally, as Kaitlyn was able to gain a position as a veterinarian, Brandon started his new job as an agricultural parts territory manager. 

Being Passionate About Your Job

Whatever you do, do it with passion otherwise it’ll make the days long and your relationship strained. Brandon always knew that he wanted to be involved in agriculture in some capacity. Knowing that jobs in agriculture within the area that Kaitlyn had gotten her job were going to be limited, he was happy for the opportunity and accepted a position to remain within the agriculture world (read more about taking a chance on a new career here). 

Kaitlyn’s purest joy from her job is being able to help somebody’s pet, knowing that they are happy and healthy, able to go home with their owners for a long time. This is her passion and what she finds rewarding. 

How to manage time: 

  1. Take a few minutes to decompress.

    Kaitlyn talks about how when she gets home from work she’s exhausted but just taking 5 minutes to herself to decompress before she joins Brandon for the evening helps her reset, recharge and be ready for the change of pace. 

  2. Respect each other’s needs.

    Brandon respects that Kaitlyn needs a few minutes to herself after work, leaving her to her own devices before they spend their evening together. 

  3. Creating work schedules that work.

    Having the opportunity to schedule their work schedules so that they can see each other in the evenings is important to both Brandon and Kaitlyn. Capitalizing on the opportunity to be together when they are both home on normal schedules, not on call or traveling their territory, are also very important.

  4. Creating efficiency.

    Finding those activities that they like to do together are important for Brandon and Kaitlyn. Both enjoy farming and take the time on weekends to go out to Brandon’s family farm, feed the cows, and other sorts of fun activities that align both with their passion and their relationship.

  5. Communication.

    Always an important aspect of any relationship, communication becomes vitally important when it comes to a relationship with dual careers being managed. Work schedules don’t always mesh and taking the time to check in with the other, spend time together, and communicate with each other is very important. 

Balancing a relationship where both individuals have careers, especially when you are starting out, can be challenging. Do not be discouraged if you are unhappy when initially beginning your career from college. You may be in the right career, it just may not be the right location, employer or some other variable. Do not be afraid to find career happiness, whether it be in a new location, for a new employer, or a new career altogether (read more on overcoming other obstacles in careers here). 

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