Becoming a Lifelong Learner with Kiah Twisselman – AgGrad Live 034


Making a habit of lifelong learning is something that extrovert and ranching enthusiast Kiah Twisselman takes seriously. Avoid falling into the mundane and continue to grow everyday in order to build your professional and personal networks. Learn more about agriculture jobs: Learning doesn’t stop once you graduate from college; in fact, it’s just the beginning!

According to Kiah Twisselman, Director of Consumer Affairs at the Kentucky Beef Council (, skills learned in college such as critical thinking, essay writing, promptness, and group collaboration are some of the most valuable resources you’ll take with you into the workforce post-graduation. Creating the habit of learning everyday grows not only your expertise and skills, but also your professional and personal network.

“Remember that in any given day you only have so many hours and knowing that if you say yes to everything, it’s like saying ‘kind of’ to everything. Prioritizing is very important – saying yes to something new can be a great thing but think of what you would have to sacrifice in order to say yes,” warns Kiah.

To follow along as Kiah Twisselman grows both her side agriculture and ranching marketing job and continues to promote Kentucky beef ranchers through her position as the Director of Consumer Affairs at the Kentucky Beef Council, follow her on Instagram (…).

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