Best Agriculture Snapchat Accounts

Are you on snapchat? We love using Snapchat to share the story of agriculture on our AgGrad account. We’ve received lots of questions about who to follow on Snapchat, so we figured we’d gather some of our favorites and share them with you.

Agriculture Snapchat accounts to follow

Cristen Clark – cristencclark

You’ll love following Cristen an Iowa farmer who raises corn, soybeans, pigs and cattle. She loves cooking and writing on her blog Food and Swine, and shares the behind the scene recipe development on snapchat. She has two cool kids, her daughter who loves basketball and pigs and her son who emulates Garth Brooks and loves tractors. Sometimes you’ll find her playing jokes on her husband Mike, who might have ruined her favorite cup to warm up pig semen. You won’t regret following her adventures.

Jay Hill – hilljay45

You may have seen this friendly face on our Snapchat or Facebook before. Jay Hill farms in southern New Mexico on his family’s farm. Jay raises everything from green chili and cabbage to pecans and cattle, it never fails that Jay has something interesting to share every day. You’ll love seeing beautiful scenery and when his alternate “cowboy” personality takes over.

Erin Brenneman – spookgal

She’s a city girl turned farmer and a mother to two boys, many piglets, sows, dogs and horses. She works on her families pig operation in Iowa. Many of her day-to-day snaps are in the pig barn showing you the ins and outs of raising pork, but you’ll also catch her driving tractors during harvest, playing with her guard dogs and telling her story of ag in real life.

Marcos and Fernando Flores – MidwestCattleCo

Marcos and his brother Fernando are originally from Fresno California. Marcos was able to start a small leather company while in college and do ranch work in-between classes. Through his small business success he was able to get a small loan through FSA and with some cash he and his brother saved up, they moved to Nebraska and bought 80 pair of cattle. Now you can watch them as they manage their cattle ranch, deal with everyday mishaps and grow their cattle company.

How Farms Work – howfarmswork

Have you watched the YouTube channel How Farms Work? Ryan Kuster gives insight into what it’s like to farm in the Midwest. With over 7,000,000 hits on their YouTube channel they’ve expanded to snapchat, sharing snippets of the day in the life of a farmer.

Animal Agriculture Alliance – AnimalAg

Maybe you’ve heard of this organization before, they are an industry-united, nonprofit organization that helps bridge the communication gap between farm and fork. They connect to key food industry stakeholders to arm them with responses on emerging issues. You can follow them as they travel across the United States to different agriculture conferences, attend farm tours and speak to different groups. They also do a fun trivia each week related to agriculture, follow along to see how much you know.

AgGrad – AgGrad

Well we couldn’t leave ourselves off of the list! You can catch takeovers happening every week that are poised to give our fans a view of different careers in agriculture. You can catch Hannah Mo’ Miller (hmiller361) on Tuesday for tips and tricks on professionalism and you’ll catch AgGrad founder Tim Hammerich sharing updates on job openings and AgGrad updates on Thursdays. If you’d like to take over our account apply here.

Who is your favorite person to follow in agriculture? We’d love for you to share. 

Hannah Miller