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Can social media get you fired?

Can social media get you fired? Failing to monitor your online behavior can get you into trouble, if you’re not careful. Remember the time Red Cross found two extra beers and used the hashtag #gettingslizzered? This blunder turned into a great recovery, very few make a miraculous recovery like this. There are many examples out there of employees complaining about their wages, sharing private details of a client or making jokes of situations that aren’t joke worthy.

The Muse shares 43% of businesses around the world say that misuse of social networks is an issue. With the rise of social media use, employers are now using social media accounts to review candidates. 85% employers have shared they more unlikely to hire candidates who have shared posts or tweets that are unprofessional. In May, the FTC allowed social intelligence companies to run background checks on prospective employees’ online and social media history. These companies can look up 7 years of history on a potential employee.

How social media can get you fired

  • Share confidential details
  • Make racist, sexist or other inappropriate comments
  • Call in sick, post pictures doing things
  • Talking poorly about your employer
  • Post inappropriate photos
  • Complain about your co-workers
  • Share that you’re job searching


If you work online or in the digital sphere you must be extra careful about what you post. It’s best to sit down with HR and understand the social media policy. Take every precaution you’re able to proactively protect yourself. How can you proactively develop a social media or digital process that keeps you safe?

Over-sharing is a constant in our lives, it’s easy to make a mistake online.  Do you know someone who’s been fired as a result of a social media post? Is social media allowed during work hours or is it a company no-no? Share your thoughts on social media use in the workplace.

Hannah Miller