Career Spotlight: Greenhouse Manager

What is a Greenhouse Manager?

“A greenhouse manager oversees the daily operations of facilities that cultivate plants for research and commercial use. They may choose and plant seeds, maintain greenhouse systems and facilities, train and supervise employees, maintain records and order supplies. Read further to learn the training and skills requirements, in addition to the salary expectation and employment outlook, to see if this career is the right one for you.”

A Greenhouse Manager is responsible for cultivating and maintaining plants in a controlled environment. This could include vegetables and herbs, ornamental plants or rare flowers to be used for research, wholesale or commercial use.

Greenhouse Managers supervise plant-breeding and cross-hybridizations, plant nutrition, plant protection, pest and disease control, harvesting and maintenance of the systems controlling the greenhouse environment, and irrigation systems.

What does it take?

You can find work without formal education however many employers prefer candidates with at least a 2-years degree. Junior colleges often offer certifications and associate degree programs in greenhouse management. Some universities offer four-year degree plans as well as certifications in greenhouse management but a bachelor’s in horticulture or plant science is a common educational path to a career in Greenhouse management. Some employers accept a high school diploma paired with greenhouse or plant breeding experience.

Essential skills include having a rounded knowledge of horticulture, plant cultivation, pest disease control and greenhouse technology. As a manager a Greenhouse Manager will oversee employees as well as handle administrative and operational management of the greenhouse. In a managerial role that can include planning, budgeting, marketing and sales of greenhouse products.

Core course work will include classes in plant care, soil science, plant production, floral design and marketing.

Are you a Greenhouse Manager? What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Greenhouse Manager? 

Hannah Miller