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Matthew Oldnall is a 27-year-old Poultry Manager for Capestone Organic Poultry, an award-winning high welfare poultry production company based in Wales, U.K. The company focuses on fully integrated organic free-range chicken and turkey products, serving numerous well-known commercial retailers around the world, including Whole Foods Markets, London Food Halls, and M&S.

Matthew joins me on today’s show to discuss how he became the manager of over 50 employees at Capestone at a young age. He shares his role as the Poultry Manager of a commercial poultry production company within the U.K., how taking risks and accepting new opportunities has impacted his career, and how to identify opportunities that will significantly impact your career trajectory. He also explains the importance of maintaining empathy, loyalty, and inclusiveness within your team as a manager or leader as well as the type of feed the company uses and how they maintain production numbers as an organic producer.


“In agriculture, there are so many opportunities across the board. Grab one by the horns and see where it takes you.” – Matthew Oldnall


Today on AgGrad Live:

  • Matthew’s role as a Poultry Manager at Capestone
  • What are poussin chickens?
  • How he advanced his career into a managerial role at a young age.
  • Working in Zimbabwe and the accomplishments he achieved for its agriculture community and economy.
  • How taking risks and accepting new opportunities impacted his career trajectory.
  • How to identify new opportunities that can positively impact your career.
  • What has fueled the company’s growth from a small farm operation to a large-scale commercial venture?
  • The type of feed the company uses.
  • Lessons he has learned regarding managing a team.
  • The importance of communication, empathy, loyalty, and inclusiveness.
  • How the company reduces risks and issues related to maintaining production numbers.


Matthew Oldnall’s Advice for AgGrads:

  1. Trust your gut.
  2. Trust that you have the knowledge.
  3. Realize you will make mistakes. Own up to the mistakes and fix them.


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