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Aidan Connolly is the Chief Executive Officer at Cainthus, a software company dedicated to helping farmers collect the necessary and critical information they need to manage their farms better. Cainthus’ current project involves the use of sensors that interpret visual information from various farm animals. He is also the author of 2-1-4-3, a book on growing your business. Before becoming Cainthus’ CIO, Aidan previously held the same position at Alltech, an agtech company which he served for over 28 years.

Aidan joins me today to share his current business venture and how this new company can help the farming industry as a whole. He discusses their current sensor project, its applications, and how it can improve farm efficiency. He also explains the overall theme of his book as well as what the title 2-1-4-3means.

“Make it as honest and uncomfortable as you can be in terms of evaluating what your business really is today.” – Aidan Connolly

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Why Aidan left his previous company and the reason he founded Cainthus.
  • His current projects and how they make use of facial recognition tech on cows.
  • Using sensors in farms and the challenges in managing multiple species.
  • Solving “cow bullying” on dairy farms.
  • How sensors can help find solutions to problems in farming cattle.
  • Why he chose to focus on farm sensors instead of other technologies.
  • What he wants people to learn from reading his book.
  • The 2-1-4-3 approach explained and what to expect from his book.
  • Is investing in agtech a little too overhyped?

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