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Post openings for internships or entry-level jobs


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We know that internships are the best way for college students to gain experience and prepare for a career in the modern workforce. To share more internship opportunities with students, we’re opening up our job board at no cost to employers. At AgGrad, we believe employers should invest in the next generation, not in finding them.


Job boards display entry level positions on the same page as executive level careers. If your entry-level job is being overlooked or attracting the wrong crowd, post to AgGrad for more exposure to a targeted audience of young professionals.


Finding & securing top talent isn’t easy. It requires a deep understanding of the company culture and an expertise in assessing the skills, leadership style, and cultural fit of candidates. At the managerial or executive level, it’s even more important since the new hire will have an impact on the culture and the strategic decisions of the company. To find the right talent and improve the success rate of the search, let AgGrad begin your talent search at no cost. Only when a candidate is hired, your AgGrad recruiter receives a contingency fee equal to 25% of the first year base salary.


In this day and age, word of mouth recommendations and even criticism spread faster than any direct marketing campaign. When partnering with influencers and brand advocates, employers have the opportunity to grow their brand, gain a loyal following, and share their messages across more naturally accepted platforms.

AgGrad works with employers to design custom branding strategies tailored to your specific needs and requests. You can partner with the Ultimate Ag Internship to become a highlighted company on the vlog and receive a promotional video. Let AgGrad coordinate targeted live events, professional panels and training sessions. Partner with AgGrad to grow your brand and gain exposure for your company among our audience of more than 18,000 agribusiness young professionals.