Fair Tour Guides Needed!

About Moo U Tours: Moo U tour guides will attempt to change the perception of the public by educating as many people as we can on our tours.  We will provide legitimate facts and promote the livestock industry while educating the public in an interesting and sometimes humorous manner. 

Job Description: Your duties will involve you working at the staging area of our venue (tent) where you will greet the public and answer questions about livestock and information about the fair.  During the day on a rotation bases you will take groups of people on a walking tour of the livestock barns where you will be speaking on a public address (PA) system. Each tour is approx. 50 minutes long. No two tours are alike, your tours are non-scripted.  Both animal facts and trivia are told about each species.  You will be working 8 hour days giving a maximum of five tours per day. Transportation is required for fairs in the state of Texas. Moo U will provide transportation to fair out of Texas. Strong people skills are encouraged.


New Jersey State Fair – Aug 6-13

West Virginia State Fair & Dutchess Co. Fair, NY  Aug 12-28

Montgomery Co. Fair, MD  Aug 12-20

LA County Fair, CA  Sept 2-13

State Fair of Texas  Sept 30- Oct 8, Oct 9-15, and/or Oct.16-23

Dress Code: You are required to wear the Moo U Shirt/top during working hours. You many wear pressed jeans, slacks or capris.  Both in jean color, black or khaki.  Closed toes shoes only… recommend boots or tennis shoes.  Men may wear nice cowboy hats or Moo U caps, women may wear the same cap if hair is long enough for a ponytail.  Jewelry to a minimum. Order form are available for purchase of shirts/windbreakers. You will be required to purchase at least three Moo U Shirts/Tops at the time that you sign your contract. The shirts will be affordable. The shirts are not refundable. Moo U provides jackets on loan if we have cold weather.

Accommodations: Accommodations will be provided. It will either be a condo or hotel. While staying in the condo/hotel you will be expected to pick up after yourself, help preparing any food and cleanup. You are responsible for your own food. Moo U will provide transportation back and forth to the fair.  For out of state fair, Moo U will pay for travel to fair.

Training:  Training is required along with a training manual to help you prepare for the tours.  The training manual will need to be purchased for $50.00 at your first training. The $50.00 is only a deposit and you will get the $50.00 back once the book is returned unless it is returned in not good condition. Training date will be discussed to meet both Moo U and interns needs.

Pay: Wages can be discussed on phone if needed. This is contract work so you are paid by the day, which is an eight hour work day. All fairs except for the State Fair of Texas will require you to work the whole fair. At the State Fair of Texas you will be required to work at least of minimum of 7 continuous days. You will be required to sign a binding contact at the end of your training if you’re selected to be a tour guide and interested in a fair that you can go to. Once you sign you will be held liable to work the dates that are on your contract. This is contract work which means no taxes will be deducted from your wages and you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year for your tax purposes. You will receive you wages at the end of each fair you work.   For those needing credit for internship Moo U is happy to fill out any paper work or contact school to verify that you are under contract working for Moo U.



Tim Hammerich

Tim is a strategic communications consultant, founder of AgGrad, and the host of the "Future of Agriculture" podcast. Originally from California, he is now based out of Boise, Idaho.