Why I Farm Roadtrip with Natalina Sents – AgGrad Live Podcast 003

Natalina Sents is an Iowa State University graduate with a degree in Agricultural Business and an Ambassador of Beck’s Hybrids’ Why I Farm Roadtrip initiative. Since graduating in 2016, she has followed every college student’s dream of travelling the country. She has visited over 40 different states throughout the United States to interview farmers about their experiences in agriculture.

Natalina joins me today to discuss the Why I Farm Roadtrip initiative, how it got started, and how it has changed her perspective on life and the agriculture industry. She also shares some of the most touching stories she has heard throughout her journey as well as some of the most unique commodities she has seen on farms across the country.


“What makes agriculture such an awesome community is the people.” – Natalina Sents about her “Why I Farm” Roadtrip


Today on AgGrad Live:

  • How she combined her creative desires with her passion for agriculture to find a career she loves.
  • He most unique agricultural commodity she has seen on a farm throughout her travels.
  • How the roadtrip initiative has changed her perspective and career goals.
  • The opportunities that await after the roadtrip is over.
  • Her favorite stories from the road.


Natalina’s Advice to College Students:

  1. Make sure your priorities are right.
  2. Take time to get to know yourself.
  3. Take time to cherish the people you meet.


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