Fast Ag News With Hannah and Fricke

Creating a niche in the world of agricultural communications can be difficult. It can be
intimidating to start communicating to the world, especially when you’re not sure what part of the
industry to share.
Meet Hannah Borg and Lukas Fricke, the producers of Fast Ag News. Hannah and Lukas may
not know everything about agriculture or communicating it, but they have started. And to them,
that’s all that matters.
Creating Fast Ag News
Fast Ag News is a Snapchat production hosted by Hannah and Lukas every Thursday. The pair
“takes over” the AgGrad Snapchat account to bring followers the most up-to-date agricultural
news and facts.
“Our tag line is ‘Three Ag stories that you need to know, plus one fact that will make you go,
‘Whoa,’’” Lukas said. “We try to find (stories) throughout the week (about) those things that
really make a difference to our industry, or that people should probably pay attention to that
could lead to something bigger.”
The duo touch on current event, hot-button topics during their “take overs,” like trade and tariff
negotiations. But, they also cover human-interest stories about people in the agriculture
industry. They try to make the show entertaining and educational.
With the show almost reaching its one-year anniversary, Hannah and Lukas agree that it has
progressed beyond their first imagination.

“Lukas had the original idea,” Hannah said. “He was the one that contacted me. We didn’t really
know each other, but we knew of each other. He randomly sent me a Facebook idea with the
Lukas formed the idea of Fast Ag News after seeing a post on the AgGrad Facebook page
looking for volunteers to “take over” its Snapchat account. The driving factor behind why Lukas
ran with the idea of Fast Ag News came from a notion he had been observing.
“One thing that we noticed about our generation is that they don’t really pay attention to the
news very well,” he said. “Sometimes they’re not very well versed in the stories that matter to
Through Fast Ag News, Hannah and Lukas set out to change that. They prepare for their
Thursday “take overs” in a casual manner throughout the week.
The pair flags down stories they see on social media, in email newsletters, and from Hannah’s
internship at an agriculture radio station.
“The first place I look for our stories is on the website of the radio station I work for,” Hannah
said. “We do a pretty good job of covering local, regional and national news, so we have all of
those stories archived throughout the week. It’s convenient for me because I know what stories
we’ve broadcasted and so that tells me which ones are important this week. Almost a year into
this, I feel like we’ve just been able to pay attention throughout the week on any and all
platforms and put them together by Thursday.”
The most important goal Hannah and Lukas have for Fast Ag News is to make people pay
attention, and to have fun.
“We usually fight over the good stories that we can make something juicy about,” Lukas said.
“Yeah, kind of behind the scenes we go back and forth because we want to both talk about (the
funny ones),” Hannah said. “We juggle each week about who gets the fun stories. Also, Lukas is
just naturally funnier. Normally, he takes the more fun ones just because he’s better at it.”
Finding a space in agricultural communications
Hannah and Lukas don’t pretend to have communication in the agriculture stratosphere all
figured out, but they continue to show up because they believe their message is important. You
do not need permission to communicate. You do not have to have a job in agricultural
communications to share your agriculture story.
For those looking to find a space in the world of agriculture communications, the pair
encourages you to just start and show up.

“You don’t need to have 10,000 followers to make an impact,” Hannah said. “I think, personally,
the people who I enjoy following the most in reference to social media, they’re in my feed
everyday and it feels like a human connection. For people wanting to get into it, you’ve just got
to start showing up and making those online relationships, (and) one day those will turn into real
life relationships.”
When you do get started on your agriculture communications journey, Lukas recommends
showing more than just your life in agriculture — show all of it.
“I think one thing that people need to remember is even though agriculture is a huge part of my
life, we do have other lives outside of this,” Lukas said. “When dealing with people who want to
know more about what we do, (you have to remember) they also want to know more about us
because that plays a significant part of the product that we have and that we produce.”
Here are a few other tips Hannah and Lukas suggested for those ready to start communicating
about agriculture:
· Speak up — Be willing to talk about agriculture to people you know and don’t know. Even if
you are sitting on a plane, be ready to share your story.
· Stay positive — Keep your social media posts and conversations positive when discussing
all parts of your life, but especially agriculture.
· Support all agriculture — Do not put down another sector of the agriculture industry.
Support everyone in the industry because no matter what, we are all affected by the something
in the end.
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