“Finding Meaning in Your Work” – A Podcast Interview with Reagan Pugh

TEDX and SXSW speaker Reagan Pugh joins us today to share his insight on corporate culture, motivation and identity. In 2016, he was a cofounder of Assemble, a consulting firm in Austin, Texas.

Reagan explains generational gaps in finding your own personal identity and how the modern-day relationship with work has led to it consuming our identity. Unfortunately, this is often detrimental, leads to burn out and fosters and environment of stress and fear rather than pride and accomplishment. Also, how will millennials communicate effectively and appeal to baby boomers when their communication styles are drastically different?

Reagan emphasizes the shift to community building being a focus in the workplace to allow employees to develop relationships within an organization and establish an identity that leads to better productivity and quality of life. 


“What I found is the goal has to be where are we finding our identity, where are we finding the value of who we are and what are the stories that we’re telling about ourselves on the inside.” -Reagan Pugh

Tim Hammerich

Tim is a strategic communications consultant, founder of AgGrad, and the host of the "Future of Agriculture" podcast. Originally from California, he is now based out of Boise, Idaho.