Future of Agriculture 035: The Future of American Agriculture From a Policy Perspective with Sara Wyant

On today’s episode, we’re talking about insights the future of American agricultural policy. The transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration as well as the new farm bill on the horizon makes for an exciting time to look behind the curtain and figure out what is going on in our nation’s capital.

I’m very excited to have my guest, Sara Wyant, on the show. Sara founded Agri-Pulse Communications twelve years ago, which is the premier communications media company that covers stories on agricultural, energy, and environmental policy issues. She is the recipient of numerous awards for her service in the agriculture community and is also still involved in her family’s farming operation in Iowa where she grew up.

Sara will be sharing some fascinating insights with you about the future of agriculture.


In regards to validating news stories, do your homework. Find various reputable sources such as Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Agri-Pulse for information you can trust. – Sara Wyant


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • She tells us how she became interested in journalism.
  • Sara shares some details about her family life.
  • We hear about how problems in agriculture encouraged her to start Agri-Pulse.
  • She tells us how the team decides on what stories to bring to their readers.
  • Sara tells us how she determines the success of her website.
  • We talk about how social media affects her business.
  • She offers her view on why it’s taking so long for the Trump team to nominate a Secretary of Agriculture.
  • We discuss using Twitter as a tool to inform her readers on important issues.
  • She tells us about what she’s most proud of accomplishing in the last twelve years.
  • I ask her how she handles building relationships in the media while not affecting quality in reporting.
  • Sara explains what ‘off the record’ means to her agency.
  • She explains how Agri-Pulse differentiates itself from other media outlets.
  • Sara tells us how she knew it was time to expand her team when she was just starting out in Agri-Pulse.
  • Sara talks about what she sees in the future for the agriculture industry.


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