Future of Agriculture 011: Cellulosic Biofuels (Part 3) with Eric Mork of ICM Inc.

This is the perfect end to our three part series on cellulosic ethanol. You have heard from Dr. Brown describing why we should care about the industry and informing us of its fundamentals. You have head from Michael McAdams describing some exciting new ideas affecting the industry and articulating how the government is involved.

Now we speak with someone in private industry. Eric Mork works for ICM that designs, builds, and manages ethanol technologies and business models. One process ICM has developed solves a very practical problem: how can we get more from the plants that we already have? 

They have accomplished this by retrofitting corn ethanol plants to also make cellulosic ethanol out of the non-corn residue that they get in. If you’ve ever seen a truckload of corn leave a farmer’s field, you know that there is more than corn in there! ICM’s process uses that residue to make cellulosic ethanol in addition to the corn-based ethanol that the plant is already processing. 

These are collaborative, interesting, and effective solutions that are going to lead us to future technologies that produce more food, fiber, and fuel using less resources. 

Visit ICM’s website.

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Tim Hammerich

Tim is a strategic communications consultant, founder of AgGrad, and the host of the "Future of Agriculture" podcast. Originally from California, he is now based out of Boise, Idaho.