Future of Agriculture 024: AgriTourism with Matt Krueger of the Valley Corn Maize and K&D Krueger Farms

Happy Halloween! 

I hope for many of you this means the end to a successful growing season and a bountiful harvest. To celebrate this season, we are happy to bring on a farmer who has recently started a venture in the agritourism space.

Matt Krueger of K&D Krueger Farms is a 4th generation farmer in the Red River Valley of Minnesota. Two years ago, Matt and his family decided to launch a corn maze for the people of his community.

The response has been outstanding, and Matt expects upwards of 5,000 people to attend the Valley Corn Maize this year. Matt shares his experiences in this industry, the help he has received, and the ability for families to make lifelong memories through this business.

AgritourismYou can learn more about the Valley Corn Maize here: http://www.valleycornmaize.com/

If you’re interested in contacting Matt or learning more about his overall farming operation, visit his website: http://www.kdkruegerfarms.com

Matt also mentions the assistance he has received from the The Maize Company: http://www.themaize.com


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