Future of Agriculture 028: Startups, Social Media, and the future of AgTech with Kevin Heikes of in10t.io

Kevin Heikes is the Founder of In10t.io, an advisory firm dedicated to helping clients solve problems in Agriculture related to technology strategy, product commercialization and digital system design.

Kevin has worked with several start-ups, including FarmLink, where he served as Vice President of Product and Farms Technology where, post acquisition, by DuPont Pioneer he led the integration and product migration to DTN. 

This episode is filled with new ideas, tactics, and anecdotes that will both entertain and inspire anyone interested in the future of agriculture.

Kevin mentions a couple of tools including Full Contact and Product Hunt.

Check out Kevin’s personal website: http://www.kevinheikes.com/ or his company: http://www.in10t.io/.


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