Future of Agriculture 029: Turkey Production with Steve Olson of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association

This episode is going is going live on the last day of November 2016. Many of us in the U.S. still have turkey in our bellies and are wrapping up a week of delicious food. 

This is the perfect setting to dive into the fascinating world of the commercial turkey industry. Over 46 million turkeys are grown every year just in the state of Minnesota. 

The birds are grown indoors with technology to monitor every aspect of the feed, water, and environment. On this episode we speak with Steve Olson, who is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association. 

We discuss the impacts of the use of antibiotics and of diseases such as avian influenza. Steve also shares about the family farmers who grow and care for the birds and the business model that has sustained some of the farmers for generations.

Also we discuss changing consumer demands and technologies that have lead to growers being able to produce twice as much meat while using half the feed as operations that existed decades ago.

To learn more visit the Minnesota Turkey Growers:

Website: Minnesotaturkey.com

Minnesota Turkey Growers YouTube Channel

Steve also references this fascinating video by Temple Grandin: YouTube Video


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