Future of Agriculture 046: Growing Cannabis and Other Fun Agronomy Topics with Dr. Curtis Livesay of Dynamite Ag

Today’s guest is a scientist, researcher, and the founder of Dynamite Ag – a sales and consulting company founded in 2012. Growing up in a Christian household, Dr. Curtis Livesay was told not to do drugs, to research about it. This pursuit of knowledge led him to acquire a Ph.D. in interpersonal communication and research methods. It is also the heart of his company – to do great research and disseminate good and useful information.

On today’s episode, Dr. Curtis shares his knowledge, experience, and viewpoints about a variety of topics such as critical agronomic problems, lies fed to farmers, and specific ways to deal with particular agronomic concerns.


“Don’t just try something different, but pay attention to where you put it.” – Dr. Curtis Livesay


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • How Dr. Curtis found his niche and how he finds the people he works with
  • Difference between plant recoverable and plant available
  • How farmers should balance the economics of farming with environmental stewardship
  • Yield contest over profitability contest
  • What volunteer corn is, why it’s a problem and what farmers can do about it


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Tim Hammerich

Tim is a strategic communications consultant, founder of AgGrad, and the host of the "Future of Agriculture" podcast. Originally from California, he is now based out of Boise, Idaho.