Future of Agriculture 048: A Future Without Bacon and Eggs is No Future At All with Hannah Thompson-Weeman of the Animal Agriculture Alliance

If you are a typical American who enjoys bacon and eggs for breakfast, can you imagine a future without them? If you are a doctor, a dietician or someone in the health and wellness industry, would you consider a diet without meat – chicken, pork or beef – a healthy and balanced one? Today’s guest is the Vice President of Communications for a non-profit organization called Animal Agriculture Alliance that is based in Washington DC. Hannah Thompson-Weeman is an advocate and defender of the animal agriculture industry as she continues to work with farmers, restaurants, and other influencers in educating people about how their food is produced, grown and prepared.

On today’s episode, Hannah talks about the future of the animal agriculture industry and the challenges it currently faces, one of which is the damage that activists groups are trying to make in the industry. She talks about the effects of these threats to the farmers, the government, and the middle segment, with the latter composed of groups of consumers who do not know much about how their food is produced such as restaurants and legislators. Hannah also gives a glimpse of the collegiate competition the Alliance holds to encourage and empower students in their agricultural journey.


“Don’t let anyone make you scared of your food or make you guilty about your food. You should be empowered to make your own dining decisions but make them based on facts and not on fear and misinformation.” – Hannah Thompson-Weeman


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Philosophical argument of “activist groups” or the people who do not approve of the existence of the animal agriculture industry
  • Ways extremists find funding and the tools they use to get it
  • What donors don’t know about commercials involving dogs and cats
  • One call to action that people in the animal agriculture would have for consumers
  • Impact of the fear instilled by activist groups on the credibility of the government and large organizations
  • Reasons why people in the animal agriculture industry do not engage with the activists
  • Philosophy of Animal Agriculture Alliance
  • Biggest misconception about animal agriculture in the middle group
  • Why college students are the largest target of activist groups
  • Details of the college agricultural competition the Alliance holds, its aim, and the prizes that await the top three winners


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