Future of Agriculture 073: How Agricultural Development Creates Food Secure Communities with David Norman of Heifer International

David Norman is the Senior Vice President of Investments Programs at Heifer International, a company that promotes a “pay it forward” approach to sustainable agriculture. Their mission is to end world hunger and poverty while also taking care of the planet by working with communities. This approach seems to be a great answer to the issue of food security and sustainability, as Heifer is driven by the “teach a man to fish” philosophy which ensures the families they help are all able to contribute to eradicating world hunger.


In this episode, David explains what Heifer International is all about, it’s humble beginnings, and its mission. He also shares the different challenges they face with every program as well as some of the successes that made it all worthwhile.

“You basically want markets to compete for your products.”  – David Norman

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast: 


  • An example of a market that is not dependable or fair.
  • How they structure their business and programs.
  • How the company selects which communities to target.
  • Will the communities know Heifer International is involved or do they operate behind the scenes?
  • Is there a difference between social capital and trust?
  • Challenges that prevent or delay communities prospering as a result of Heifer’s work.
  • What is the value chain?
  • How do they know if their programs are working?
  • What are the logistics behind their programs?
  • What are their considerations when it comes to where they invest their money?
  • The big challenges we as a society need to overcome for their company to realize their mission.


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