How a Masters Degree can Help Your Career in Agribusiness with Andy Montgomery of LG Seeds – AgGrad Live 024


Andy Montgomery is a Brand Manager at LG Seeds, an innovative seed company that promises to deliver high-quality seeds, provide exceptional service, and be consistent when it comes to their customer’s needs. Andy has been in the ag industry for 18 years working for AgReliant Genetics and its various brands. Not one to stop at the pursuit of knowledge, he also has a Master of Agribusiness degree which he obtained from Kansas State University in May 2015.

Andy joins me today to discuss how a master’s degree can help elevate your career into new heights. He shares why he decided to obtain a master’s degree, why he focused on Agribusiness, and the critical skills you’ll learn that you won’t get in the real world. He also explains the importance of listening to his peers as well as the people he manages and why it’s better to manage your tasks than it is to manage your time.


“Everything I do today is some bit and piece of what somebody’s done with me over time.”  Andy Montgomery



Today on AgGrad Live:

  • The benefits of obtaining a master’s degree.
  • The career path in becoming a brand manager.
  • Why he decided to obtain a master’s degree in agriculture business.
  • The learning curve of managing others.
  • Lessons he has learned regarding time management.
  • How he found his mentors as a manager.
  • The most challenging part of his job.
  • How he accomplishes his everyday tasks.


Andy Montgomery’s Advice for AgGrads:

  • A master’s degree can sharpen your skills even when you have work experience.
  • Nobody wants to be managed. They all want to be part of the decision.
  • The ability to sit down and listen – and not react – is a powerful tool.
  • Don’t look at it as time management; look at it as task management.


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