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Jim Pantaleo is a renowned expert and consultant for Indoor Vertical Farming and offers ag companies sound and technical advice on best practices. Some of his services include performing market research and business development work. Other than companies, Jim also works with different universities such as the University of Arizona, UC Davis, and the University of Santa Barbara. He also enjoys writing about indoor vertical farming and regularly speaks at ag-related conventions.

Jim joins me today to describe how indoor vertical farming will change the way we look at sustainable food sources. He shares the current technology available for indoor vertical farming and what we can expect in the next few years. He discusses the myths about soil nutrition and crops regarding indoor environments. Jim also explains why the ag industry is experiencing its own version of the Dot Com era. 

“There’s no degradation of nutrients when growing indoors because you’re controlling that environment.” – Jim Pantaleo

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • The different kinds of skills modern agriculture needs.
  • Why fruiting plants are the goal of indoor agriculture.
  • The current challenges of indoor vertical farming.
  • The debate around nutrients, soil, and natural sunlight.
  • How they control the crops’ nutrient inputs.
  • What The AgTech scene in Los Angeles is like.
  • The major costs of having an indoor farm.
  • Startups that have made great strides in indoor farming.
  • Comparing the Dot Com era and the rise of indoor farming.

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