Indoor Farming With Casey Call

Casey Call not only farms “out of the box” but more specifically up the wall and with robots, but he didn’t start out that way. Casey grew up on a fifth generation farming operation in New York state where his father encouraged him to experience agriculture off the farm to gain as much knowledge and value from the outside world as he could. 

“A field farmer worries about things he can’t control. As an indoor farmer, I worry about all the things I can control.” – Casey Call

Casey Call is the head grower at Plenty Unlimited. Together, they are expanding the possibilities of vertical farming while “maximizing the yield potential and selecting varieties that taste really good and are really nutritious.” Plenty employs robots to control the environment on the farm and maximize output. That doesn’t mean their job is easy. “The robot is only as smart as I build it.” Casey likens their theory of farming to forming an equation around the possibilities of the plant. “You have these inputs, there’s this process for a production unit and here are these controllable outputs.”

One of the most unique aspects of Plenty Unlimited is the execution of truly vertical towers. This is done to take advantage of thermodynamic properties in regards to moisture and heat control. Casey also points to Plenty’s unique approach to building a team. “You’ve got to have a background in science, you’ve got to understand what scale is and you’ve got to have an interest in indoor agriculture.” Plenty Unlimited has built a team with a huge component of engineers to help create and build robots to support their mission. Casey even refers to them as “an engineering firm with an operation arm.” They are a company of creative solutions and pushing the possibilities of agriculture and their team, including Casey Call, supports that. 

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Tim Hammerich

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