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Kelsey Knight is the director of recruitment for AgriCorps, and a fellow of the organization. As a recruiter for AgriCorps, she delivers the message of sustainable farming projects to help people in Ghana. She graduated with a degree in agriculture and development from the University of Kentucky, where she grew up on a sheep farm. Her love for farming led her to pursue a career in international extension work with AgriCorps in Ghana.


She joins me today to share her experience while in Ghana as a fellow, the requirements, and the mindset for a positive fellowship in a foreign country. She also explains how developing listening skills can help you understand the needs of local farmers.


“Working as a fellow for AgriCorps opened my vision for international outreach.”- Kelsey Knight


Today on AgGrad Live:


  • How training as a teacher helped her develop skills to instruct others in her organization
  • Personal skills you need to assimilate into another culture and community
  • What are the requirements to start a fellowship program with AgriCorps
  • How does sacrificing a chicken help a visitor in a Ghana community feel comfortable


Kelsey’s Suggestions to Potential AgriCorps Fellows:


  • Foster a mindset of creating a difference in your local community
  • Become an innovator of solutions to unforeseen problems


Connect with Kelsey Knight:



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