International Ag Development With Anna Glenn

Anna Glenn has literally taken on the world to promote agriculture education and help share its benefits. She currently works for Hope in the Harvest in Liberia where she is the department head of the agriculture department. Her curriculum helps local farmers to be the most productive they can be with the resources they have access to. She focuses on crop rotations, prevention of soil erosion, management, planting protocols and profitability. She also highlights that it takes a global effort to make a difference in third world countries. 

“There are lots of opportunities for you to think in a global mindset in the job that you’re in right now.” – Anna Glenn

Aside from funding for the program, contributions of knowledge and experience are very significant, valued and welcomed. A big advantage the agriculture community can contribute to her program would be to offer information and access to advice to further promote their efforts. She is not calling everyone to leave their jobs and move to developing nations but rather to offer expertise to help their program become as comprehensive and successful as possible. 

One of the obstacles Liberia faces is that it has become commonplace for imports to be cheaper than local producers can compete with. For example, currently all chicken feed is imported from Belgium via Guinea before it arrives in Liberia. Together, Anna and her students have organized two separate profitable businesses; one for developing chicken feed and another producing the only known chocolate products in Liberia.  She is inspired and impressed by her students and their passion to learn and succeed. The ultimate measure of success for Anna is watching her students become leaders in their communities and successful in their own pursuits. 

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