Keeping Up Your Connections

Keeping Up Your Connections

So you’ve worked hard on making connections, adding people to your LinkedIn network and now you’re done right? Wrong. You have to continue to foster these relationships and make sure you’re thinking about your long term plan.

How to keep you network from going cold

  1. Keep your network organized. This could be through LinkedIn, but it’s better to store these contacts in a way that makes sense to you. This could be in an old school address book or in Gmail, wherever you decide to keep your contacts make sure you’re able to make notes about the last time you had an interaction with them. Tools to keep up with your connections: Airtable, LinkedIn
  2. Use social media and events to stay in touch with your contacts. It doesn’t hurt to like their posts and comment if you have something intelligent to say. If you see that you’ll both be at the same event, take time to reach out and see if you can meet up for coffee during the event. Look for opportunities to share supportive content and make online connections.
  3. Be helpful and supportive to your network. Look for opportunities to connect people in your network, being a connector will not go unappreciated. Relationships are a two-way streets and you want to be person who people remember as a connector.
  4. Refer work and clients to your network. If you know someone is looking for a person to work with, refer to them to people in your network. This shows that you’re thinking about them and truly want to see them succeed. 
  5. Send an email or a handwritten note. This may seem silly, but think about how much you love getting an email or handwritten note from a connection. Take time to keep up with connections, this is a great time to update them on what is happening in your life. 


How do you keep up with your connections? Share your favorite way to keep up.

Hannah Miller