Managing Your Online Reputation

Is managing your online reputation something you think about? When did you last google yourself? How about googled your name plus your college? Managing your online reputation can easily slip your mind but if you’re smart, you’ll take action.

Managing Your Online Reputation 

Watching your online reputation has a lot less to do about crisis management and more to do with being proactive. Image you’re an employer who is trying to decide between two equally qualified candidates. It’s easy to jump on google and search a person and their school to find out more about them. What happens when one candidate has nothing pop up and the other has their LinkedIn profile, an alumni article and blog posts from a past internship pop up? The second candidate looks more qualified just by having information about themselves online.

Wondering how you can make your online reputation a little better? Here are a few steps to take.

  • Make sure your profile is up to date and is completely filled out. Make sure you’ve included your university, internships, jobs and written a summary about yourself.
  • Check your alumni registry. Are you up to date on your job description? Is there a place where you can connect with others in your industry? Can you upload a photo? (Pro tip: Make sure that your photo is named with your name, it will help with search engine results)
  • Do you have an article written about yourself or a club you were in? Re-share it, share a link on your personal portfolio or on your LinkedIn. Give it a little publicity.

We have a short assignment for you if you choose to accept.


Go to google and type your name + your university and see what pops up. If you’ve been out of school for a few years, google your name + your company and see what comes up. Are you happy with the results? 

Hannah Miller