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Maybe Disruption Isn’t the Answer for Ag?

Matt Zieger is the Vice President of Village Capital, a company that seeks startups offering innovative solutions and disruptive ideas that promote sustainability. As Vice President, he is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with individual investors, private organizations, and government projects. He specializes in cross-sector collaboration which allows him to weave multiple business entities into focusing on sustainability and economic growth.

Matt joins me today to discuss the idea of disruptive startups and why being disruptive may not be what the ag industry currently needs. He shares what Village Capital is all about, how they determine which companies they will invest in, and their business processes. He also shares the problems their company believes ag startups should focus on and describes when a company should scale and when it should just stay its course.


“The farm economy is the backbone of the American economy.” – Matt Zieger


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • What Village Capital is and the companies they invest in.
  • The problems in the food system Village Capital aims to solve.
  • Why displacing the ag industry is not always the solution.
  • How they choose companies to invest in within the ag industry.
  • What business models should be to benefit both investors and consumers.
  • Why the “move fast and break things” business strategy is not applicable in ag.
  • Determining whether it’s time to grow and scale or to keep the cycle.
  • What excites him the most about the future of the ag industry?


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