Networking 101 – Introducing Yourself

So you’ve found the perfect outfit, highlighted the companies you want to talk to and RSVP’ed to your first networking event or career fair. You drive across town, resumes in hand, walk into the room and suddenly have no idea where to start.

5 Tips on Introducing Yourself

1) Do Your Homework

Research the companies you’re interested in and arrive informed about the positions you’d like to learn more about. This will set you up for an easy introduction, where a conversation with a recruiter or peer will allow you to sound informed, and give you plenty to talk about.

2) Talk about a shared experience

This is a simple trick. Being at the same event gives you a commonality, which gives you something to talk about. You can go from talking about the event to sharing experiences or parts of your background, a conversation can build from there.

3) Share your expertise

Do you have talent in a specific area? If you’re talking to a recruiter who you know is looking to fill a position that you have expertise in, share it! Share experiences that highlight your expertise.

4) Be A Connector

When speaking to a recruiter or peer be thinking of personal network. Is there someone who would be a good fit for the company you’re talking to? Follow through and help make a connection, it’ll go a long way in building a relationship on both ends.

5) Ask Questions

This is always a go-to when you’re not sure how to start, just start asking questions. People at networking events are usually prepared to talk about themselves, so be different and ask a thoughtful question and actually listen to their answer.

What is your go-to introduction at networking events? We’d love for you to share. 

Hannah Miller