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Janice Person is the Online Engagement Director at Bayer Crop Science. In this role, she is responsible for social media and internet outreach towards influencers, bloggers, and the general public throughout the agriculture space. She has connected with thousands of food, lifestyle, and agricultural bloggers and those numbers are still growing. She also blogs on her personal website, JP Loves Cotton.

Janice joins me today to share her responsibilities as Online Engagement Director and some of her notable accomplishments in this role. She describes how she found her passion for the ag industry, especially cotton. She discusses some of the more common mistakes people make on social media and what she’s learned from her experience. Janice also explains what people can look forward to SXSW and why people interested in agriculture should attend.

“Sometimes it’s a lot easier to start a conversation when people know they have some common ground with you.” – Janice Person

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Creating a position title and walking into a position no one’s ever had.
  • Why she started the blog and how it lead to her next career move.
  • Knowing whether or not you’re doing a great job in online engagement.
  • The mistakes most people make on social media.
  • How she uses Quora to spread her influence and engage more people.
  • Why the South by Southwest conference is one of the best.
  • The benefits of being part of another organization.

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