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Bruce Friedrich is Co-Founder and Executive Director at The Good Food Institute (GFI), a company that promotes plant-based and cultivated meat food products by making them just as good, just as convenient, and just as affordable as real meat. Their company has several branches in over six countries, all working towards the goal of making the alternative meat industry more attractive to consumers. Bruce oversees the business’ global strategy and programs. He also works with its directors, staff, and international representatives to guarantee the effectiveness of their programs.

Bruce joins me today to discuss how GFI is making plant-based and cultivated meat products more consumer-friendly and just as competitive as traditional meat. He shares where he drew inspiration to innovate food, how the idea of starting GFI began and the company’s current progress. Bruce also explains why they’re not here to disrupt the meat industry and shares his thoughts on animal agriculture. 

“Animal-based meat is made up of fats, proteins, minerals, and water. All of that exists in the plant kingdom.” – Bruce Friedrich

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • How Bruce became passionate about improving the world through food innovation.
  • Replacing meat with foods that cost the same or less with their product.
  • Appealing to palatability and cost over environmental impact.
  • What if plant-based meats and traditional meat product consumption rose together?
  • The time needed for consumers to adapt to cultivated meat.
  • How far along they are with regards to scaling their cultivated and plant-based meat products.
  • His thoughts on animal agriculture and their business focus as a company.
  • The difference between disrupting and transforming the meat industry.
  • The big milestones he is excited about in the near future.

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