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Why Podcasts Are Perfect For Agriculture

If you’re in agriculture and haven’t yet discovered podcasts, let me just say “you’re welcome” in advance.

Podcasting is basically radio on steroids. Choose what shows you’re interested in and subscribe to them. This downloads the show to your phone when you’re connected to wifi or (if you choose) through your data plan. Then listen whenever you wish!

Think of your favorite radio show. What if you could listen to that show:

  • WHENEVER you wanted
  • WHEREVER you wanted (with or without a radio signal or internet connection)
  • AS MANY TIMES as you wanted FOR FREE
  • With NO or VERY FEW commercial breaks
  • Using a tool you already have with all the time anyway: your smartphone.

Sounds pretty good, right? That is why people are LOVING podcasts!

If the above reasons aren’t enough for you, here are six reasons I think podcasting was meant for those of us who work in agriculture:

    1. Podcasts are perfect for driving, and in Ag we drive A LOT. Whether you spend time in a car, pickup, semi, or tractor, podcasts are a perfect way to engage your brain while getting your work done. Apps like iTunes or Stitcher allow you to subscribe to the specific shows you’re interested in, and roll straight from one episode to another without having to change a channel, search for service, or navigate the internet.
    2. Podcasts are ideal for those that work with their hands. If you’re working in a shop, repairing equipment, setting up irrigation, or any of the other multitude of hands-on tasks in agriculture, you’re probably listening to the radio. This is precious time that you could be learning something new, improving yourself, and expanding your possibilities. Browse some of the podcasts out there and I guarantee you you’ll find some shows that interest you (I’ve made some recommendations below!)   
    3. You likely have a smartphone. They have become a necessity in agribusiness. Everything from email to turning on center pivots to checking weather to flying drones, smartphones are an essential part of modern agriculture. Since you already have one, you have EVERYTHING you need to get started listening to podcasts. Again, they are FREE!
    4. New perspectives will enrich your career and business. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m around the same people all the time, I tend to get “tunnel vision” and forget there are new and fresh ways of looking at things. When you listen to podcasts, you are not only gaining the perspective from the host, but also from the guests that come on the show.
    5. You are busy, so whatever media you consume needs to be flexible. This is one of the greatest aspects of podcasts. Like a faithful and trusty dog, they are there when you need them but don’t expect much when you don’t have time for them. You could listen to 50 hours one week and 0 the next. That requires zero effort on your part. If you listen to an episode for 5 minutes and don’t like it, just delete it! You are out nothing.
    6. You can listen to ONLY what you’re most interested in hearing. No waiting through segments on politics, the economy, and world news in order to get to a report on agriculture. There are shows in EVERY niche you can imagine.


Hopefully, I’ve made a clear case to listen to podcasts, especially in the agriculture industry. I listen to podcasts on agriculture, business, real estate, and comedy because that’s what I enjoy. You may listen to something else entirely!

Here are a few agricultural podcasts I recommend:

  • The “Future of Agriculture” Podcast. Full disclosure: this is my podcast! We highlight the issues, people, and perspectives that are likely to influence the future of the agriculture industry.
  • The “Off Farm Income” Podcast. Matt Brechwald talks a lot about entrepreneurship in agriculture and interviews other agriculture entrepreneurs. This show focuses primarily on lifestyle businesses in agriculture and FFA members doing interesting work with their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) projects.
  • The “Agriculture Proud” Podcast. Ryan Goodman who loves “running the trails, good beef, and life in Big Sky Country”, interviews farmers and ranchers.


I hope you will check out these excellent agricultural podcasts. Are you already a podcasting fan? What shows do you enjoy?

Finally, if you are an iPhone and/or iTunes user, I would really appreciate you subscribing, rating, and reviewing the Future of Agriculture Podcast on iTunes. This will help us gain validity and get the word out!

Tim Hammerich

Tim is a strategic communications consultant, founder of AgGrad, and the host of the "Future of Agriculture" podcast. Originally from California, he is now based out of Boise, Idaho.