Public Relations & Crisis Communications with Bill Coletti, CEO of Kith – AgGrad Live Podcast 011

Bill Coletti is a crisis communications, reputation management, and professional development expert and the CEO of Kith. Kith is a reputation management and crisis communications firm dedicated to helping businesses identify and understand the expectations of their stakeholders to enable them to make sound decisions on the actions they should take next following a crisis. The company also offers training and planning services to organizations to help mitigate risk and manage their reputation. In addition, Bill is a keynote speaker and the bestselling author of Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Relationship Management. He has over 25 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies and global political campaigns in the areas of managing high-stakes crisis and media relations.


Bill joins me today to share his background and expertise in the public relations, crisis communications, and reputation management industry. He explains how his firm helps businesses within the agriculture industry through crisis issues and manage their reputation and shares insight on the key areas businesses should consider when managing and mitigating risks to their company’s reputation. He also shares valuable insight on what AgGrad students can do to help ensure their success in the risk management and crisis communications industry as well as the key leadership qualities you should hone to become a great leader.


“Being a boss is much more about empathy and understanding than it is about yelling at people and telling them what to do.” – Bill Coletti


Today on AgGrad Live:


  • Types of problems and issues agri-businesses may have that would require his services.
  • Three key areas he helps businesses to manage and mitigate risk.
  • Qualities to possess to be successful in the crisis communications and reputation management industry.
  • Tips and strategies for managing teams.
  • The hardest part about being the CEO.
  • What keeps him motivated to continue.
  • How to differentiate yourself in a flooded industry.
  • How to determine if a company’s culture is right for you.


Bill Coletti’s Advice for AgGrads:


  1. Industry expertise is critical.
  2. Improve your writing skills.
  3. The best way to start learning about crisis management is through case studies and quizzing yourself on how you would handle the situation.


Resources Mentioned:


  • AgGrad Jobs


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