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Dr. Fiona Edwards Murphy is the CEO and Co-Founder of ApisProtect. ApisProtect is a company that innovates the agricultural industry with its advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Specifically, they help beekeepers both small and large gather the necessary data from their bee colonies through sensors. They aim to help preserve bees and perhaps even reverse the rising colony losses around the world.

Fiona joins me today to share her passion for saving bees and how she came up with the idea of using sensor technology. She describes the current bee problem and its possible implications in and outside the agricultural sector. She explains how their sensor technology works, how it helps beekeepers, and its potential usage outside of the pollination industry. Fiona also describes their business model and how they found the market that supported their company.

“We collect the sensor data and use machine learning to convert the raw data into useful information for the beekeeper.” – Dr. Fiona Edwards Murphy

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • The current situation with the honeybee problem.
  • The factors affecting honeybee deaths across the world.
  • Small and large scale beekeepers and how their businesses operate.
  • Her academic background and how she came to be involved in saving bees.
  • Using sensors inside beehives and the types of sensors they use.
  • Problems that can be detected and solved by sensors.
  • The projects their company has started and their current business plans.
  • How beekeepers are benefiting from their programs.
  • The challenges they have encountered in their business.
  • Fixing and maintaining the sensors they provide to their clients.
  • Their plans for World Bee Day and their partnerships.

Connect with Dr. Fiona Edwards Murphy:

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