Score a job using social media

Do you want to score a job using social media? It feels like everyone knows that one person who has done this. We’ve heard it many ways. A candidate was following the right brand and saw a posting about a job, a recent grad shared that they updated their resume or online portfolio and share it on Twitter, or maybe someone just connected with the right person online. No matter the stories, scoring a job via social media may be easier than you think.

Score a job using social media


Get on LinkedIn

If you’re not on, as soon as you finish reading this article you need to go set up an account. LinkedIn is the professional side of social media. This networking site allows you to share your qualifications, not just limited to past jobs and internships. You’re able to list skills and ask for connections to write you recommendations. Pro Tip: In your header share that you’re currently seeking a job.

Let people know you’re looking!

Share an update on your social sites with a link to your recently updated LinkedIn account or online resume. Share a Facebook update with the type of job you’re looking for. Send a tweeting, making sure to hashtag the type of job you’re searching for.

Look at your network

Who in your social networks can you connect with? While you don’t want come out of left field asking for a job, you can connect with your online networks and give them a life update and include that you’re on the job search.

Hyperlink your resume           

If you’re serious about finding a job, put a link to your resume or LinkedIn on all your social accounts (and make sure the link is public). The easier you can make it for someone to find your qualifications, the easier it is for them to see you as a qualified candidate.

Create a List

No, we don’t mean an old-school pen and paper list. We mean create a list on Twitter of the brands and companies you’d like to work for and make sure you’re following them daily. It’s becoming more common for companies to list links to job openings through Twitter.

Hannah Miller