The One Reason You’re Not Getting Hired

Looking for your first job, or your next job, can be frustrating.

If you’re like most people, you spend hours looking at openings online, applying for all of them that appear interesting, and rarely hearing anything back.

Sound familiar?

Then every once in a while you get the chance at an interview. Everything seems to go great and they say “we’ll let you know”. You think “this is going to be the one”. And then. Nothing.

You think things like “the system is broken”, and “nobody will give me a chance”, and “there must be something wrong with me”.

Well, none of these are the REAL reason that you’re not getting hired. The real reason is:

You don’t bring enough value to the table.

Ouch! That sounds a lot harsher than it was meant to.

You’ll notice the above “self-talk” statements all revolve around one person: you.

Your focus is on the wrong person! Your focus should be on:

“What basic qualifications is this employer looking for? If I’m being honest with myself, do I meet these basic qualifications?”

“Why does this employer need someone in this position?”

“What problem(s) are they trying to solve with who they hire for this role?”

“What specific qualities or experiences have I had that can solve the employer’s problem in a unique and effective way?”

If you can answer these questions honestly, you will stop wasting your time applying for positions that are not a good fit. Your resume will jump out at the employer as someone who UNDERSTANDS what they’re looking for. 

One of my favorite quotes, and I don’t even know who to attribute this to, is “if you can articulate someone’s problem better than they can, they will automatically assume you have the answer”. Read that again.

This means that if you can show that you TRULY understand the problem the employer is trying to solve, they will assume you must have the answers they are looking for to solve them. 


A lot of the time the employer is ultimately trying to solve one of two problems: “How does our company MAKE more money?” Or “How does our company SAVE more money?”

Determine which of those you are trying to solve and how.

Answering these questions HONESTLY will help you determine before applying if the role is right for you or not. Also, this will dramatically increase your odds of getting interviews and ultimately getting hired because you have clearly thought through and articulated the VALUE you bring to the table.

Tim Hammerich

Tim is a strategic communications consultant, founder of AgGrad, and the host of the "Future of Agriculture" podcast. Originally from California, he is now based out of Boise, Idaho.