Time management while job searching

Time Management While Job Searching

Time management while job searching can be a real task, especially if you’re currently a full-time student or working at an internship. Experts say that even if you’re unemployed, looking for employment is a 40 hour a week job on its own. Managing your time can be one of the hardest parts of looking for a new job.

Time management tips for students and employed job seekers

If you’re a full-time student or currently employed making time to job search will feel like you’re adding a part-time job to your daily routine. This will mean making the most of your time before or after work and school.

A solid strategy is to build time into your daily schedule for job searching. If your schedule full from 8 to 5, then you’ll need to wake up early and job search and keep your evenings free to apply for jobs. You’ll need to treat your job search like a second job, an important second job.

If you’re employed, be cautious of job searching wile on company time. You shouldn’t be using the company’s time and resources to search for a new gig. If you weren’t already aware, many employers monitor their employee’s email and web use. Does it happen all the time? Sure, but you want to be able to leave your current organization on a high note.

While you’re still at work, make sure to get copies of your work to add to your portfolio. It’ll be important to have solid copies of work you’ve done for future job applications.

Lots of networking and professional meetings happen in the evening, take full advantage of these. Set up coffee or dinner with people who would be great networking connections after work hours.


Time management tips for unemployed job seekers

You may ask why we would include tips for someone who is unemployed. Well that’s because when your life is rocked with a change in daily structure it can be hard to keep up a regular schedule. If you’re unemployed and floundering to truly get your job searching done, you need to treat job searching as your full-time position.

By treating your job search as your actual job, you’ll get results much faster if you’re fully focusing on your job search. Get it together and create a daily schedule that is focused on job searching. It will be important to put aside side gigs or schedule them into your job-search calendar.

Create a routine that simulates a normal work day. Get up early, go through your motions of what a work morning would be like. If that means working out or reading and then getting ready for your work day. Take a shower, turn on the coffee and get dressed. I’m not saying you need to be in professional dress but there is something about getting up and getting dressed that makes you feel prepared for the day.

Make time at the start of your day to job-search, it’s commonly shared that you should “eat the frog” at the beginning of your day. Take on the most challenging parts of your job search at the start of your day, not only will your brain thank you, you’ll feel accomplished no matter how the job-hunt goes that day.


The gist of time management while job searching

No matter if you’re a student, intern, employed or unemployed you just need to get started. You’ll never find a job if you’re only giving partial effort to your job search. Get up, get dressed and plan your job search with intent.

Hannah Miller