Tips for Landing a Job in Agriculture with Hannah Miller

Jump Start your Career in Agriculture

Hannah Morgan Miller is the Senior Strategic Planner and agricultural expert for Barefoot Proximity. Hannah has weathered the storm of transitioning from recent graduate to seasoned professional. Here she shares her tips and tricks for facilitating and speeding up the process.

Tips for Speeding up the Job Search

Follow up


Hannah vividly remembers the pain and frustration of the job search. She advises that perseverance is the key to success. For her first internship she followed up with HR five times to confirm a tentative offer she had received. “Don’t underestimate how busy folks in HR get,” Hannah advises. She concedes that following up five times might be a bit much in most situations. Instead she recommends following up with a company’s HR department up to three times via both phone and email. Even asking for recommendations from professors or former employers can take a bit of badgering. It doesn’t hurt to make things a little easier for your recommender by providing them with your resume and some bullet points about your qualifications.

Get online

According to Hannah, everyone ought to be on Linkedin or have an equivalent online professional presence. She also suggests using a broad, encompassing career title for your online profile rather than the more specific title you may hold at your current position. This outsmarts the search algorithm and helps recruiters find you. For example, Hannah lists herself as an agricultural and food marketing professional rather than Senior Strategic Planner.

Take an internship

Graduating without a job? If you didn’t take an internship during undergrad, now is the time. Don’t fear, many internships are paid and can lead to full time employment within the company.

Build your network

Reach out to professionals in your industry and offer to buy them coffee so you can grow your network. This is an excellent way to make valuable connections and build career momentum.

Don’t be afraid to relocate for the right opportunity

After four or five months of not finding a job, Hannah recommends looking for opportunities outside of your geographic comfort zone. Be willing to relocate, even if this means spending just a year or two somewhere while you gain professional experience and continue looking for opportunities in your desired location. In the end, who knows, you might find the place you end up isn’t so bad after all.

Negotiate: know what you want and don’t be afraid to walk away

Getting the offer is only the beginning. Hannah’s tip for heading into salary negotiations is to create a comprehensive budget that addresses all of your expenses using the cost of living in your location. Once you know how much it takes to live, add a few thousand dollars as a cushion. After she did the math Hannah was able to use her budget as evidence to get the salary she deserved. Note that the cost of living varies greatly across the country, so take this into account when considering a job offer that would require you to relocate. Combine your budget, the average pay for your position, and your experience level to calculate a salary range you are willing to work to for. Once you have those numbers, stick to them. Go into the negotiation knowing what you want and what you are willing to work for, and don’t be afraid to walk away from an offer that will not meet your needs. Regardless of the outcome, remember to always keep the tone of your negotiation positive and collaborative.


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