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Glen and Jason Newcomer are the fifth- and sixth-generation owners and operators of Newcomer Farms.  Glen has extensive experience in farm management, agronomy support, and agricultural risk management. Jason returned to the farm after college to help the family operate and innovate the farm to match current trends.

Glen and Jason join me to share what it’s like to manage a farm that’s survived many troubling times. They discuss the difference between how the farm was managed decades ago and how it is managed today. Jason explains the reason why he returned to farming and Glen describes some of the tasks Jason helped relieve him from. They also share how they select their board of advisors and their perspective on farm operations.

“We always have to find ways to become more efficient and more profitable.” – Glen Newcomer

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Glen and Jason Newcomer’s agricultural background and the history of their farm.
  • Why Jason is passionate about managing their farm.
  • The difference between how they operated generations ago and today.
  • Why they believe they’re in a pinched economy right now.
  • The issues they encountered in the ’80s versus the issues today.
  • Why Jason returned to farm operations.
  • Their approach to succession of their farm operations.
  • The new tools they utilize in their day-to-day farm operations.
  • Expectations from the newer generation of farmers.

Connect with Glen and Jason Newcomer:

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