Top 10 Tips to Help You Get an Internship

  1. Don’t overlook the little guy. Explore what different sized companies have to offer to find your perfect fit.


  1. It’s okay to hear “no”. When applying for jobs, increase your chance of receiving an offer by applying to more positions. Hearing a “no” from a company just means you weren’t right for them at that time, and it could still be a valuable connection for the future.


  1. Say “Yes!” Take as many opportunities as you can to learn while you have the chance during your internship. Sometimes the most unexpected opportunities can teach you the most.


  1. Review your resumé and email. Take time to update your resumé and check your email frequently. This ensures you always have a resumé ready and that you don’t miss an opportunity for a job.


  1. Search outside your career fair. Expand your job search by networking, maintaining relationships, and looking to company websites, industry job websites, or career websites such as:
    1. AgCareers
    2. Indeed
    3. AgHires
    4. WayUp
    5. AgGrad
    6. LinkedIn
    7. Glassdoor


  1. Apply for positions you’re unsure of. Considering positions outside of your major or planned career path can give you a better perspective of what you want from a career.


  1. Ask if a company does internships. If you’re unsure about the opportunities a company offers, don’t be afraid to reach out to employees by email or through LinkedIn.


  1. Take an internship away from home. If you have the opportunity, move away from your home state for an internship to experience a different culture and learn more about yourself before you graduate.


  1. Utilize your university resources. Pay attention to emails from professors and advisors. Explore what your university offers for internship programming, resumé critiques, and career resource centers.


  1. Understand the cost and benefits. Know beforehand if you can accept a position based on its pay (paid, unpaid, stipend), opportunities offered with that specific role and company, and potential costs of relocation and living.



Feel free to reach out to Lauren Schreck, current undergraduate senior at Purdue University:

Bio: Lauren Schreck is a senior undergraduate student at Purdue University studying Marketing and Agricultural Economics, with a minor in Spanish Through her experience interning at John Deere, Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc., and the American Seed Trade Association, she developed a portfolio of experience in communications and agricultural policy at the corporate, state, and national levels.

Lauren Schreck