Working in Ag Policy in Washington DC with John Stewart of AFIA

John Stewart, a manager of government affairs for the American Feed Industry Association, graduated from the North Carolina State University in 2015 with hopes for graduate school. However, the legislative aspect of the livestock food industry on Capitol Hill made more of an impact in his career. Now, he focuses on helping the food safety of livestock and pet food.


On today’s episode, John explains the crucial skill sets an intern or graduate agriculture student needs to succeed in a government affairs career. He also shares how to connect with policy makers and staff members on Capitol Hill as well as how working in different job settings can provide valuable insights and lessons to further your career.


“The fun part of my job is to be part-teacher, part salesperson, and part-researcher.”- John Stewart


Today on AgGrad Live:


  • Determining the steps to an internship in a government affair career
  • Learning the actions of a career by working in different settings of the job
  • How to connect with staffers, policy makers, or anyone on Capitol Hill
  • Developing integrity and honesty as essential career skills
  • Understanding the strategies in researching and lawmaking of policies





3 Features of a Government Affairs Manager:


  1. Wanting to make a difference for others based on policy changes
  2. Easily make connections with those that impact laws
  3. Having the drive to research, sell your point of view, and educate


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Tim helps agricultural companies find talented employees. Originally from California, he is now based out of Austin, TX. Before launching AgGrad in 2015, Tim’s background was in management, sales, marketing, commodity trading, merchandising, risk management, logistics, public speaking, group facilitation, and grain operations. His goal is to take the traditional college career fair experience and replicate it online so that jobseekers can learn about opportunities, interact and receive feedback, and connect with employers in the agriculture industry.

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