Even if you’re not currently looking, it’s in your best interest to know what’s out there.


“Things took a turn for the worse at my job. I want to start looking.”


I get these calls regularly. This particular candidate would have been a fantastic fit for a position that I JUST FILLED. Ideal location, position, and pay.


When I mentioned this I could hear the frustration in their voice “but I read your emails and I never saw that opening on there”. I had to explain to them that I work on behalf of the hiring companies, and some of those companies simply don’t want their listings emailed or even published at all.


This brings up a good point that the recruitment process has to be a two way street. If I don’t have your current resume and some notes in my database about what types of positions get you excited, there’s a good chance you won’t ever find out about some incredible opportunities.

Yes, I email out 5 or so openings every couple of weeks and I have another 50 or so on my website, but I also have multiple clients that have me quietly looking for talent on their behalf without job postings.


A great relationship with a recruiter can be like career insurance.


Let me confidentially keep you plugged in to the opportunities that exist out there, and you can proactively seize the right opportunity as it arises.

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